Congratulations Jim Hanson


Dear Friends,

On behalf of the BNS Executive I want to offer our sincere congratulations to Jim Hanson as the elected candidate to represent us in the next Federal election.  We were very lucky to have three excellent nominees running for this position. Each of them ran a respectful campaign and brought energy and ideas to our riding.  We are very grateful that Markiel Simpson and Jason Blackman put their names forward and that they remain part of our family. I know that each of them know it is now the time to come together and ensure we elect Jim Hanson when the election is called.

Jim knows what it’s going to take to defeat the Liberal incumbent Terry Beech. Jim has been working hard reaching out to people in the community and needs to be able to hit the ground running whenever the writ is dropped.  We have much work to do organizing an election planning committee, having signs ready to go, information leaflets, gathering volunteers, etc. Our riding has been targeted as one of the most winnable ridings in the country. 

In 2020, all 3 provincial constituencies within BNS elected New Democrats, and we know we can elect Jim Hanson Federally with your help and commitment.

If you are able to donate to Jim’s campaign at this time it is greatly appreciated, you can also mail a cheque made out to the BNS NDP Riding Association  c/o  302-3625 Wind crest Drive, North Vancouver, B.C. V7G 2S6

Thank you to the balloting committee Angela Boscariol, Carol Riviere, and Derek Sahota for all of their hard work and to all of you who participated in this democratic process. 

On to Victory,

Denise Kellahan
Burnaby North Seymour NDP


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